Kaifeng , Henan

Prefecture-level city in Henan, China


Kaifeng has a total area of 2,488.04 square miles (6444 km2).

Kaifeng map

Kaifeng Quick Facts

Country : People's Republic of China
State : Henan
Postal code : 475000
Plate code : 豫B
Phone Area Codes : 0)378
Area : 6444 km2
Official name : 汴京
Altitude : 246 feet / 75 meters
Capital city : Kaifeng is capital of Later Zhou dynasty
Time Zone : UTC+08:00
Local time : 18:03:41 (16th April 2021)

Kaifeng has 2 neighbors .

  • Zhengzhou capital of Henan province, China
  • Xinxiang prefecture-level city in Henan, China

  • Yuwangtai District
  • Longting District
  • Xiangfu District
  • Weishi County
  • Shunhe Hui District
  • Tongxu County
  • Qi County
  • Gulou District, Kaifeng
  • Lankao County

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