Cities & Towns in Republic of Guinea-Bissau,

Republic of Guinea-Bissau, Independent country in Western Africa. As of 2020 country had an estimated population of 1,861,283 inhabitants. The country was created 49 years ago in 1974. Its capital city is Bissau.

There are 5 city/town in Republic of Guinea-Bissau, . The largest city of Republic of Guinea-Bissau is Quinhámel with a population of 42,659. Other cities include, Catió population 9,898, Mansôa population 7,821, Buba population 7,779 and Canchungo population 6,853


Quinhámel, City in Guinea-Bissau


Catió, City in Guinea-Bissau


Mansôa, City

All Republic of Guinea-Bissau Cities (Aphebetical)

List of cities, towns, neighborhoods & other populated places in Republic of Guinea-Bissau.

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City Name Title County Population
Quinhámel City in Guinea-Bissau 42,659
Catió City in Guinea-Bissau 9,898
Mansôa City 7,821
Buba City in southern Guinea-Bissau 7,779
Canchungo City 6,853

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