Cities & Towns in Republic of Guatemala,

Republic of Guatemala, Independent country in Central America. As of 2020 country had an estimated population of 17,263,239 inhabitants. The country was created 201 years ago in 1821. Its capital city is "Guatemala City".

There are 6 city/town in Republic of Guatemala, . The largest city of Republic of Guatemala is Villa Nueva with a population of 406,830. Other cities include, Villa Canales population 122,194, Escuintla population 103,165, Antigua Guatemala population 39,368, San Benito population 30,764

Villa Nueva

Villa Nueva, city in the Mendoza Province of Argentina

Villa Canales

Villa Canales, city


Escuintla, City and municipality of Mexico.

All Republic of Guatemala Cities (Aphebetical)

Cities, Towns, Neighborhoods & Other Populated Places in Republic of Guatemala.

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City Name Title County Population
Villa Nueva City in the Mendoza Province of Argentina Municipio de Villa Nueva 406,830
Villa Canales City Municipio de Villa Canales 122,194
Escuintla City and municipality of Mexico. Municipio de Escuintla 103,165
Antigua Guatemala City in the central highlands of Guatemala 39,368
San Benito City in Texas Municipio de San Benito 30,764
Ciudad Tecún Umán City in Guatemala 11,432