Cities & Towns in Georgia,

The largest city of Georgia is Zugdidi with a population of 73,006. Other cities include, Ts’khinvali population 30,432, Samtredia population 28,748, Khashuri population 27,811, Zest’aponi population 25,891

Cities, Towns, Neighborhoods & Other Populated Places in Georgia.


Zugdidi, city in Georgia


Ts’khinvali, city in Georgia


Samtredia, city

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City Name Title County Population
Zugdidi City in Georgia Zugdidis Munitsip’alit’et’i 73,006
Ts’khinvali City in Georgia 30,432
Samtredia City 28,748
Khashuri City Khashuris Raioni 27,811
Zest’aponi City in Georgia 25,891
Marneuli City Marneuli 18,755
Tqvarch'eli City 17,847
Ts’q’alt’ubo City Tsqaltubo 16,736
K’asp’i City 14,734
Gali City 11,861
Sagarejo City 10,871
Ts’alenjikha City 8,879
Ts’nori City Sighnaghi 6,609
Mart’vili City 5,483
Lagodekhi City 5,198
Tetri Ts’q’aro City 3,093
Jvara City 3,038
Oni City 3,012
Ambrolauri City 2,408