Cities & Towns in Paraná, 18

Paraná, federated state of Brazil. The state was created 133 years ago in 1889. Its capital city is "Curitiba".

There are 76 city/town in Paraná, 18. The largest city of Paraná is Colorado with a population of 5,807,719. Other cities include, Curitiba population 1,948,626, Londrina population 575,377, Maringá population 430,157, Ponta Grossa population 355,336




Curitiba, capital of the Brazilian state of Paraná


Londrina, municipality in the state of Paraná, Brazil

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Cities, Towns, Neighborhoods & Other Populated Places in Paraná.

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City Name Title County Population
Colorado Colorado 5,807,719
Curitiba Capital of the Brazilian state of Paraná 1,948,626
Londrina Municipality in the state of Paraná, Brazil Londrina 575,377
Maringá Municipality in southern Brazil Maringá 430,157
Ponta Grossa Municipality of Brazil Ponta Grossa 355,336
Cascavel Municipality of Brazil, Paraná Cascavel 332,333
Foz do Iguaçu Brazilian city located in state of Paraná, Brazil Foz do Iguaçu 258,248
Colombo Colombo 217,000
Guarapuava Municipality of Brazil Guarapuava 182,644
Paranaguá City in the state of Paraná, Brazil Paranaguá 156,174
Araucária Municipality of Brazil Araucária 146,214
Campo Largo Human settlement Campo Largo 133,865
Arapongas Municipality of Brazil Arapongas 124,810
São José dos Pinhais São José dos Pinhais 124,224
Almirante Tamandaré Human settlement Almirante Tamandaré 120,041
Toledo Toledo 119,313
Umuarama Municipality of Brazil Umuarama 112,500
Cambé Human settlement Cambé 107,341
Sarandi City in the province of Buenos Aires in Argentina Sarandi 84,697
Pato Branco Brazilian city Pato Branco 83,843
Paranavaí Paranavaí 72,848
Rolândia Town and municipality in the state of Paraná in the Southern Region of Brazil Rolândia 67,383
Ibiporã Human settlement in Brazil Ibiporã 55,131
Marechal Cândido Rondon Municipality in Southern, Brazil Marechal Cândido Rondon 53,495
Cornélio Procópio Cornélio Procópio 48,487
Paiçandu Municipality in South, Brazil Paiçandu 41,773
Piraquara Piraquara 41,161
Palmas Palmas 39,150
Jaguariaíva Human settlement in Brazil Jaguariaíva 35,027
Medianeira Medianeira 34,069
Ibaiti Human settlement in Brazil Ibaiti 31,644
Bandeirantes Bandeirantes 29,494
Itaperuçu Municipality in Southern, Brazil Itaperuçu 29,070
Pontal do Paraná Human settlement in Brazil Pontal do Paraná 27,915
Lapa Lapa 25,621
São Mateus do Sul São Mateus do Sul 24,904
Quatro Barras Municipality of Brazil Quatro Barras 23,911
Carambeí Municipality of Brazil Carambeí 23,825
Loanda Municipality of Brazil Loanda 23,242
Dois Vizinhos Dois Vizinhos 22,766
Cambará Cambará 21,380
Astorga Astorga 20,128
Imbituva Imbituva 19,671
Prudentópolis Prudentópolis 19,611
Guaratuba Guaratuba 18,906
Pitanga Pitanga 18,652
Antonina Antonina 16,152
Wenceslau Braz Wenceslau Braz 15,726
São Miguel do Iguaçu São Miguel do Iguaçu 15,434
Pinhão Pinhão 15,141
Sengés Sengés 14,867
Clevelândia Clevelândia 14,701
Ampére Ampére 14,274
Engenheiro Beltrão Human settlement in Brazil Engenheiro Beltrão 13,981
Sertanópolis Sertanópolis 13,903
Siqueira Campos Siqueira Campos 13,866
Faxinal Faxinal 13,464
Terra Boa Terra Boa 12,958
Tibagi Tibagi 12,644
Assaí Assaí 12,545
Altãnia Human settlement in Brazil Altônia 11,242
Reserva Reserva 11,096
Nova Londrina Nova Londrina 11,042
Terra Roxa Tomazina 10,911
Alto Paraná Alto Paraná 10,888
Matelândia Matelândia 10,816
Tapejara Tapejara 10,726
Florestópolis Human settlement in Brazil Florestópolis 10,453
Iporã Iporã 10,353
Terra Rica Terra Rica 10,346
Alto Piquiri Alto Piquiri 10,039
Jataizinho Jataizinho 10,014
Nova Aurora Paranavaí 9,013
Moreira Sales Moreira Sales 8,698
Borrazópolis Borrazópolis 6,592
Cândido de Abreu Cândido de Abreu 5,102