Drummond Island, CN

Township and island in Michigan

The has a total area of 249.00 square miles (644.90 km2).

Drummond Island Quick Facts

Population : 1,058
Country : United States of America
Area : 644.9 km2
Altitude : 810 feet / 247 meters
Time Zone : Asia/Shanghai
Local time : 16:59:18 (28th January 2021)

Year Population Method
2000 992 state suburb
2010 1,058 state suburb

Chin-ch'ing Tao, Chin-ch’ing Tao, Dao Duy Mong, Drummond Island, Drumond Island, Dulinmen Dao, Jinqing Dao, Shijiang Zhi, Sijiang Dao, Sijiangmen, Tu-lan-mang Tao, du lin men dao, jin qing dao, shi jiang shi, si jiang dao, si jiang men, Đảo Duy Mộng, 世江峙, 四江岛, 四江门, 晉卿島, 晋卿岛, 杜林門島

Drummond Island map