Cities & Towns in Republic of Cuba,

Republic of Cuba, Independent country situated on an island in the Caribbean Sea. As of 2020 country had an estimated population of 11,484,636 inhabitants. The country was created 123 years ago in 1898. Its capital city is "Havana".

There are 29 city/town in Republic of Cuba, . The largest city of Republic of Cuba is Santiago de Cuba with a population of 444,851. Other cities include, Holguín population 319,102, Las Tunas population 202,105, Pinar del Río population 186,990, Cienfuegos population 164,924

Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, city in Cuba


Holguín, city in Cuba

Las Tunas

Las Tunas, city in Cuba

All Republic of Cuba Cities (Aphebetical)

Cities, Towns, Neighborhoods & Other Populated Places in Republic of Cuba.

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City Name Title County Population
Santiago de Cuba City in Cuba Municipio de Santiago de Cuba 444,851
Holguín City in Cuba Municipio de Holguín 319,102
Las Tunas City in Cuba 202,105
Pinar del Río City in Cuba Municipio de Pinar del Río 186,990
Cienfuegos City in Cuba, capital of Cienfuegos Province Municipio de Cienfuegos 164,924
Ciego de Ávila City in Cuba 142,027
Manzanillo City in Cuba 128,188
Sancti Spíritus City and municipality in Cuba 127,069
Santa Clara City in Santa Clara County, California, United States 122,192
Palma Soriano City and municipality in Cuba 102,826
Morón City in Buenos Aires province, Argentina 99,066
Cárdenas City in Cuba 98,515
Güines City 68,935
Sagua la Grande City in Villa Clara, Cuba 62,073
Placetas City in Cuba 55,408
Baracoa City in Cuba 48,362
Bauta City in Cuba 45,768
Guáimaro City 39,358
Cumanayagua City in the Cienfuegos Province of Cuba Municipio de Cienfuegos 38,687
Santa Cruz del Sur City 34,601
Unión de Reyes City in the Matanzas Province of Cuba 33,646
Campechuela City 25,069
Chambas City 24,114
Nueva Gerona City in Cuba 20,264
Rodas City in the Cienfuegos Province of Cuba 19,212
Sagua de Tánamo City in Holguín Province, Cuba 18,282
Sibanicú City 16,856
Media Luna City 16,713
Quemado de Güines City in the Villa Clara Province of Cuba 12,736