Cities & Towns in Republic of Croatia,

Republic of Croatia, Independent country in Central Europe. As of 2020 country had an estimated population of 4,105,493 inhabitants. The country was created 30 years ago in 1991. Its capital city is "Zagreb".

There are 13 city/town in Republic of Croatia, . The largest city of Republic of Croatia is Split with a population of 176,314. Other cities include, Rijeka population 141,172, Osijek population 88,140, Pula population 57,053, Šibenik population 46,332


Split, city in Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia


Rijeka, city in Croatia


Osijek, city in Osijek-Baranja County, Croatia

All Republic of Croatia Cities (Aphebetical)

Cities, Towns, Neighborhoods & Other Populated Places in Republic of Croatia.

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City Name Title County Population
Split City in Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia 176,314
Rijeka City in Croatia 141,172
Osijek City in Osijek-Baranja County, Croatia 88,140
Pula City in Istria County, Croatia 57,053
Šibenik City in Šibenik-Knin County, Croatia 46,332
Velika Gorica City in Zagreb County, Croatia 31,553
Požega City in western Slavonia, eastern Croatia 21,153
Umag City in Croatia 7,807
Jastrebarsko City 5,493
Imotski City in Croatia 4,368
Supetar City on the island of Brač, Croatia 4,074
Kastav City in Croatia 2,047
Primošten City in croatia 1,631