Cities & Towns in Republic of the Congo,

Republic of the Congo, Independent country in Central Africa. There are 8 city/town in Republic of the Congo, .

The largest city of Republic of the Congo is Pointe-Noire with a population of 659,084. Other cities include, Dolisie population 103,894, Kayes population 58,737, Owando population 23,952, Ouésso population 23,915


Pointe-Noire, city in the Republic of the Congo


Dolisie, city


Kayes, city in Mali

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Cities, Towns, Neighborhoods & Other Populated Places in Republic of the Congo.

City Name Title County Population
Pointe-Noire City in the Republic of the Congo 659,084
Dolisie City 103,894
Kayes City in Mali 58,737
Owando City 23,952
Ouésso City 23,915
Impfondo City 20,859
Sibiti City 19,089
Kinkala City 13,882