Chehel Sotun (Chehel Sotūn) , Isfahan

Chehel Sotun: Pavilion in Isfahan, Iranian national heritage site


Chehel Sotūn has a total area of 2.24 square miles (5.8 km2).

Chehel Sotun map

Chehel Sotūn Quick Facts

Country : Iran
State : Isfahan
Different from : Chehel Sotun (Qazvin)
Area : 5.8 km2
Establishment : January 01, 1647 (374 years ago)
Time Zone : Asia/Tehran
Local time : 02:50:34 (20th April 2021)

Chehel Sotun, Chehel Sotūn, Chehelsotun, Chehelsotūn, Chehol Sotun, Chehol Sotūn, chhlstwn, چهلستون

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