Ch in min Kung chuan (Qinmin Gongzhuan), Miaoli, Taiwan

Ch in min Kung chuan:


Quick Facts about Qinmin Gongzhuan

State : Taiwan (Taiwan)
County : Miaoli
Time Zone : Asia/Taipei
Local time : 15:19:48 (10th August 2022)


Qinmin Gongzhuan is located at 24°41'3"N 120°58'5"E (24.6841600, 120.9680400).

Ch in min Kung chuan map

Ch'in-min Chi-shu Hsueh-yuan, Ch'in-min Institute of Technology, Ch'in-min Kung-chuan, Ch’in-min Chi-shu Hsüeh-yüan, Ch’in-min Institute of Technology, Ch’in-min Kung-chuan, Cinmin Gongjhuan, Qinmin Gongzhuan, qin min gong zhuan, 親民工專