Central African Republic Cities & Towns

The largest city of Central African Republic is Bimbo with a population of 129,655. Other cities include, Mbaïki population 67,132, Berbérati population 61,815, Kaga Bandoro population 56,520, Bozoum population 40,201

Cities, Towns, Neighborhoods & Other Populated Places in Central African Republic.

Bimbo, city

Mbaïki, city

Berbérati, city

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City Name Title County Population
Bimbo City 129,655
Mbaïki City 67,132
Berbérati City 61,815
Kaga Bandoro City 56,520
Bozoum City 40,201
Bossangoa City 37,780
Bambari City 32,547
Bria City of the Central African Republic 29,027
Bouar City 28,581
Bangassou City 24,361
Mobaye City 19,431