Cities & Towns in Republic of Angola,

Republic of Angola, Independent country in Africa. There are 6 city/town in Republic of Angola, .

The largest city of Republic of Angola is Huambo with a population of 226,145. Other cities include, Lubango population 102,541, Malanje population 87,046, Soio population 67,491, Cabinda population 66,020


Huambo, city in Angola


Lubango, city in Angola


Malanje, city in Angola

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Cities, Towns, Neighborhoods & Other Populated Places in Republic of Angola.

City Name Title County Population
Huambo City in Angola 226,145
Lubango City in Angola 102,541
Malanje City in Angola Malanje Municipality 87,046
Soio City in Angola 67,491
Cabinda City in Cabinda Province, Angola 66,020
Sumbe City in Cuanza Sul, Angola 33,277