West Virginia Counties

West Virginia, state of the United States of America. There are 55 county in West Virginia. You can find the list of these counties and detailed information from the links below.

Kanawha County
Kanawha County

Kanawha County, population 176,253

Berkeley County
Berkeley County

Berkeley County, population 122,125

Monongalia County
Monongalia County

Monongalia County, population 106,819

The state of West Virginia contains 55 counties that span the Appalachian Mountains, the Ohio River Valley, and the Potomac Highlands regions. Here's an overview of West Virginia's counties:

The most populous counties are located down-state near the capital city of Charleston. This includes Kanawha County where Charleston is located, Cabell County (Huntington), Berkeley County, Raleigh County, Monongalia County (Morgantown), and Wood County (Parkersburg).

Northern West Virginia in the panhandle has important industrial counties along the Ohio River. The largest are Ohio County (Wheeling), Brooke County (Weirton), Marshall County, Hancock County, and Marion County (Fairmont).

Southern coal country counties include the major centers of Mercer County (Princeton), Logan County, Raleigh County (Beckley), Boone County, Mingo County (Williamson), and Wayne County (Kenova). Coal mining is still an important industry.

Sparsely populated mountain counties can be found across the state. Some of these rugged counties include Pendleton County, Webster County, Wyoming County, Randolph County, and Tucker County. Tourism and outdoor recreation thrives here.

The Eastern Panhandle near Washington D.C. has rapidly growing counties, namely Jefferson County, Berkeley County, and Morgan County due to expanding D.C. suburbs.

West Virginia's counties provide local framework for the state's diverse topography, industry, and culture. From bustling metropolitan centers to remote Appalachian mountain towns, the counties help serve the needs of the state's communities.

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County Name Population Cities
Barbour County 16,444 Barbour County cities
Berkeley County 122,125 Berkeley County cities
Boone County 21,055 Boone County cities
Braxton County 13,702 Braxton County cities
Brooke County 21,674 Brooke County cities
Cabell County 91,589 Cabell County cities
Calhoun County 6,945 Calhoun County cities
Clay County 8,341 Clay County cities
Doddridge County 8,368 Doddridge County cities
Fayette County 42,062 Fayette County cities
Gilmer County 7,811 Gilmer County cities
Grant County 11,510 Grant County cities
Greenbrier County 34,319 Greenbrier County cities
Hampshire County 23,190 Hampshire County cities
Hancock County 28,571 Hancock County cities
Hardy County 13,633 Hardy County cities
Harrison County 66,870 Harrison County cities
Jackson County 28,453 Jackson County cities
Jefferson County 57,486 Jefferson County cities
Kanawha County 176,253 Kanawha County cities
Lewis County 15,805 Lewis County cities
Lincoln County 20,043 Lincoln County cities
Logan County 31,688 Logan County cities
Marion County 55,962 Marion County cities
Marshall County 30,103 Marshall County cities
Mason County 26,335 Mason County cities
McDowell County 16,916 McDowell County cities
Mercer County 58,258 Mercer County cities
Mineral County 26,722 Mineral County cities
Mingo County 22,951 Mingo County cities
Monongalia County 106,819 Monongalia County cities
Monroe County 13,229 Monroe County cities
Morgan County 17,873 Morgan County cities
Nicholas County 24,340 Nicholas County cities
Ohio County 41,182 Ohio County cities
Pendleton County 6,932 Pendleton County cities
Pleasants County 7,438 Pleasants County cities
Pocahontas County 8,190 Pocahontas County cities
Preston County 33,380 Preston County cities
Putnam County 56,428 Putnam County cities
Raleigh County 72,920 Raleigh County cities
Randolph County 28,387 Randolph County cities
Ritchie County 9,499 Ritchie County cities
Roane County 13,482 Roane County cities
Summers County 12,444 Summers County cities
Taylor County 16,699 Taylor County cities
Tucker County 6,816 Tucker County cities
Tyler County 8,533 Tyler County cities
Upshur County 24,230 Upshur County cities
Wayne County 39,054 Wayne County cities
Webster County 8,058 Webster County cities
Wetzel County 14,904 Wetzel County cities
Wirt County 5,705 Wirt County cities
Wood County 82,938 Wood County cities
Wyoming County 20,123 Wyoming County cities

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