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Warszawa, .

There are 13 city/town in Warszawa, 78. The largest city of Warszawa is Warsaw with a population of 1,790,658. Other cities include, Bemowo population 102,393, Ochota population 93,192, Praga Północ population 93,192, Białołeka population 89,324


Warsaw, capital and largest city of Poland





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City Name Title County Population
Bemowo Warszawa 102,393
Białołeka Warszawa 89,324
Kabaty Warszawa 25,000
Ochota Warszawa 93,192
Praga Północ Warszawa 93,192
Rembertów Warszawa 21,893
Ursus Warszawa 47,285
Warsaw Capital and largest city of Poland Warszawa 1,790,658
Wawer Warszawa 62,656
Wesoła Warszawa 20,000
Wilanów Warszawa 14,032
Włochy Warszawa 36,276
Żoliborz Warszawa 50,934