Russian Federation Cities & Towns

The largest city of Russian Federation is Omsk with a population of 1,172,070. Other cities include, Orenburg population 564,773, Odintsovo population 137,528, Obninsk population 115,029, Ostrogozhsk population 32,601

Cities, Towns, Neighborhoods & Other Populated Places in Russian Federation.

Omsk, city in Russia

Orenburg, city in the south of Russia

Odintsovo, city in Russia

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City Name Title County Population
Omsk City in Russia 1,172,070
Orenburg City in the south of Russia 564,773
Odintsovo City in Russia 137,528
Obninsk City in Kaluga Oblast, Russia 115,029
Ostrogozhsk City in Russia 32,601
Oster City in Ukraine 1,894