Russian Federation Cities & Towns

The largest city of Russian Federation is Barnaul with a population of 632,723. Other cities include, Balashikha population 468,221, Bryansk population 404,793, Belgorod population 391,554, Bratsk population 229,286

Cities, Towns, Neighborhoods & Other Populated Places in Russian Federation.


Barnaul, city in eastern Russia

Balashikha, city in Moscow oblast, Russia

Bryansk, city in the south-west of European Russia

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City Name Title County Population
Barnaul City in eastern Russia 632,723
Balashikha City in Moscow oblast, Russia 468,221
Bryansk City in the south-west of European Russia 404,793
Belgorod City in the south of Russia 391,554
Bratsk City in eastern Russia 229,286
Blagoveshchensk City in the Russian Far East 225,091
Biysk City in southeastern Russia 200,629
Balakovo City in Russia 189,829
Berezniki City in Russia 141,276
Bataysk City in Russia 126,769
Barda City in Azerbaijan 38,500
Blagodarnyy City in Russia 30,399
Bereza City in Belarus 28,500
Birsk City in Russia 24,736
Beloostrov City municipality in Karelia, Russia 2,235