Russian Federation Cities & Towns

Cities, Towns, Neighborhoods & Other Populated Places in Russian Federation.

Lytkarino, city in Russia

Krasnokamsk, city in Russia

Salekhard, city in the north of Russia

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City Name Title County Population
Lytkarino City in Russia 58,606
Krasnokamsk City in Russia 53,245
Salekhard City in the north of Russia 50,976
Kizlyar City in Dagestan, Russia 49,247
Kanash City in Chuvash Republic, Russia 45,482
Morshansk City in Russia 38,943
Barda City in Azerbaijan 38,500
Lesozavodsk City in Primorsky Krai, Russia 35,506
Kotovsk City in Moldova 33,077
Nurlat City in Russia 32,703
Ostrogozhsk City in Russia 32,601
Tomilino City in Russia 31,440
Blagodarnyy City in Russia 30,399
Gagarin City and administrative center of Gagarinsky District of Smolensk Oblast in central Russia 28,879
Bereza City in Belarus 28,500
Atkarsk City in Russia 27,554
Kayyerkan City district in Russia 27,295
Pavlovsk City in Russia 26,565
Karpinsk City in Russia 25,937
Tatarsk City in Russia 25,150
Birsk City in Russia 24,736
Ishimbay City in Bashkortostan, Russia, administrative center of Ishimbaysky District 21,836
Kurtamysh City in Russia 17,936
Polyarnyy City in Murmansk Oblast, Russia 17,605
Turinsk City in Russia 17,060
Leninsk City in Volgograd Oblast, Russia 15,064
Sosnovka City in Kirov Oblast, Russia 12,354
Kirs City in Russia 11,385
Luza City in Russia 10,232
Pokrovsk City in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine 9,763
Rudnya City in Russia 9,615
Kozlovka City in Russia 8,866
Sergeyevka City in Kazakhstan 7,344
Dubrovka City in Belarus 7,100
Yukhnov City in Kaluga region, Russia 5,985
Khvoynaya City in Russia 5,831
Sanchursk City in Russia 4,107
Beloostrov City municipality in Karelia, Russia 2,235
Pyra City in Warren County and Polk County, Iowa, United States 1,991
Oster City in Ukraine 1,894