Cities & Towns in Okres Jindřichův Hradec, 79

Okres Jindřichův Hradec, district of the Czech Republic. As of 2020 county had an estimated population of 90,653 inhabitants. Its county seat is "Jind\u0159ich\u016fv Hradec".

There are 2 city/town in Okres Jindřichův Hradec, 79. The largest city of Okres Jindřichův Hradec is Jindřichův Hradec with a population of 12,294. Other cities include and Jarošov nad Nežárkou population 1,397

Jindřichův Hradec

Jindřichův Hradec, city in the Czech Republic

Jarošov nad Nežárkou

Jarošov nad Nežárkou, village in Jindřichův Hradec District of South Bohemian region

All Okres Jindřichův Hradec Cities (Aphebetical)

Cities, Towns, Neighborhoods & Other Populated Places in Okres Jindřichův Hradec.

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City Name Title County Population
Jarošov nad Nežárkou Village in Jindřichův Hradec District of South Bohemian region Okres Jindřichův Hradec 1,397
Jindřichův Hradec City in the Czech Republic Okres Jindřichův Hradec 12,294