Gambia Cities & Towns

The largest city of Gambia is Brikama with a population of 77,700. Other cities include, Farafenni population 29,867, Sukuta population 15,131, Basse Santa Su population 14,380, Bansang population 7,615

Cities, Towns, Neighborhoods & Other Populated Places in Gambia.

Brikama, city

Farafenni, city

Sukuta, city in Gambia

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City Name Title County Population
Brikama City 77,700
Farafenni City 29,867
Sukuta City in Gambia 15,131
Basse Santa Su City 14,380
Bansang City in Gambia 7,615
Kerewan City 2,751
Kuntaur City 2,534