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Canada, Independent country in North America. As of 2020 country had an estimated population of 36,708,083 inhabitants. The country was created 155 years ago in 1867. Its capital city is "Ottawa".

There are 4 city/town in Canada, . The largest city of Canada is Oshawa with a population of 308,875. Other cities include, Orillia population 30,178, Owen Sound population 22,625 and Oxbow population 1,058


Oshawa, city in Durham Region, Ontario, Canada


Orillia, city in Ontario, Canada

Owen Sound

Owen Sound, city in Southern (Southwestern) Ontario, Canada

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City Name Title County Population
Oshawa City in Durham Region, Ontario, Canada 308,875
Orillia City in Ontario, Canada 30,178
Owen Sound City in Southern (Southwestern) Ontario, Canada 22,625
Oxbow City in North Dakota, USA 1,058